Helping everyone MOVE, FEEL, and LIVE better… that’s always been what SOMA is about.  We do this through a multidisciplinary approach to self-care tissue management. And who better to apply these strategies with than the men and women of the military?

Recently SOMA has had the distinct honor and privilege to be used with our military showing them SOMA principles, strategies and techniques for self-care tissue management with a resounding response.

Approximately 6 months ago, the longtime leader in strength equipment company, Eleiko, was selected as the educational partner to the US Navy overseeing the NOFFS program (Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling System). SOMA Co-Founder, Rodney Corn, who is the Director of Eleiko Education, has been able to apply SOMA principles to into this program.

The NOFFS program was developed a decade ago to deliver training and nutrition information to Sailors and Navy health and fitness professionals. It is a training philosophy and program combining physical fitness and training methodologies with nutrition information to ensure optimal operational performance and tactical readiness for Sailors.

Eleiko‘s history and expertise in performance training equipment and methodologies, programming, coaching, and education development create a formidable partnership with the Navy to increase the health, performance and wellbeing of the US Navy Sailors.

Eleiko’s primary responsibility with the NOFFS program is to enhance performance and decrease injury to ensure sustainability and resiliency in the Sailors

This is where SOMA makes a perfect fit. Performance can only be increased and sustained when proper recovery has occurred – physically, mentally, and nutritionally. SOMA provides state of the art, evidence-based recovery strategies that map to the performance and tactical training principles necessary for the optimization of key performance indicators for Sailors and soldiers alike.

Recovery is about stress management

Ultimately and intimately, stress is woven into the very fabric of performance training. The two go hand in hand. Stress management is the reason for and purpose of periodization (planned programming). It starts with our mindset, is augmented through strategic warm-ups and cool-downs, and strengthened with proper rest, both inter- and intra-session.

Performance Enhancement & Recovery go hand-in-hand

This is precisely what Eleiko has been building, teaching, and delivering to the military using SOMA principles as part of their program development. Progressive, planned programming, coaching and mindset, warm-up, recovery and regeneration, tactical strength & power training, technique and cueing, and nutrition and supplementation.

All of the above components are covered in the classroom and detailed with hands-on practical application for the US Navy in a multitude of courses developed by Eleiko including an Operational Course (Level 1), a Performance Coach Course (Level 2), and in additional courses such as Aquatic Training as well as others still to be determined.

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