Regenerating Health

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MOVEMENT is one of the most powerful therapeutic agents known to man. Without it, we die. The better we move, the better we feel. The better we feel, the better we live. So SOMA (Self Osteo-Myofascial Aplications) was founded on the premise of enhancing everyones’ ability to move. We do this through a collaborative and unique blending of varying movement philosophies with the vision to help people MOVE better, FEEL better, LIVE better. In doing so, we believe SOMA is a Regenerative Health solution.

Regenerative Health is a dynamic process of empowering you to reestablish a state of balance within and between yourself (body, soul, spirit) and your environments (physical, mental & emotional, social, and spiritual).

Health” has had a number of meanings over the years. Currently the World Health Organization (WHO) has noted three variant definitions. The first describes health as the ‘absence of disease or illness.’ The second is that health is ‘a state that allows an individual to adequately cope with all demands of daily life’. The third states that health is ‘a state of balance an individual establishes within and between themselves and their social and physical environment’. It is on the premise of this third definition that Regenerative Health is based.


a dynamic process of empowering you to reestablish a state of balance within and between yourself (body, soul, spirit) and your environments (physical, mental & emotional, social, and spiritual).


The power of Regenerative Health, in conjunction with the WHO definition of health, is multifaceted. First, health is not merely reserved for a select population of avid exercisers, dedicated dieters, or fitness enthusiasts. Nor is it predicated upon the absence of disease or illness.

If this were the case, then hundreds of millions of people who currently are affected in some manner from some form of illness or disease would be at best segregated, and at worst negated from being able to be “healthy”.

At a quick glance it would be easy, based on stereotypical influence, to view this as promoting or supporting less than optimal health. That would be true relative to a perfect neurophysiopsychological state. However, health status should not exclude people nor limit them from desiring and pursuing optimal health within themselves, their environments, and their specific circumstances. Regenerative Health provides the opportunity for all individuals to have HOPE and a path to travel to reestablish or regenerate a state of balance proportional to them.


Another important aspect of Regenerative Health is that it places the emphasis on the person. It does not put the emphasis on a standardized level, capacity, ability, disease and / or illness. Rather it includes and relies upon the person, and to an extent the relationship with their medical support team should they have one, to ultimately determine their health.

Disease should not replace a person’s health. It may alter the proportions and require offsetting the internal and external balance, but it does not need to eliminate the desire and ability for a healthy state. Regenerative Health focuses on the person’s state of internal and external balance within their given surroundings.

Regenerative Health places the emphasis on the person… Disease should not replace a person’s health.

Regenerative Health allows people to be seen and thought of as a person, a living being, and not a label – i.e. diabetic, Down’s Syndrome, obese, quadriplegic, etc. They are a person with diabetes, Down’s Syndrome, obesity, etc. The importance of this view lies in the overwhelming and empowering affects it can have on the mindset of not only the person, but society as well.

In this sense, Regenerative Health places balanced emphasis on physical, mental & emotional, societal, and spiritual components of health. It breeds communion and community involvement into the promotion of health – moving toward a better life – and not on avoiding disease – moving away from pain.

This is the SOMA way – moving with HOPE toward a better life. We hope you’ll join us in striving to help everyone MOVE better, FEEL better, LIVE better.


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